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Secret Nail Trend - Shh!

Thanks for joining me, but you are a little late.

Why, eh? Why?

I’m kidding.

I’m not.

How are you reader? Oh, that’s crazy! Tell me again!

Oh, how am I? You were asking me? Ok, then.

I am good. Well, actually, I’m great.

You see, as I write this, I am currently sitting on a beach in St Tropez. It’s not all fun and games though.

You see, reader, I popped to France for a little get-away after months of staying inside and driving my boyfriend insane. The problem was, I got trapped with the flight restrictions.

Now, when I say trapped, I mean I decided to stay for a few more days as why not?! I can do my work from here etc, the only issue is that my office is a little sandy and it’s really hot.

Thank you for your concern, but it’s fine I just jump in the sea every hour or so.

My boss wasn’t very happy with me. If you ask me, I think it was jealousy.

Reader, how have you been? Seriously, I would love to know, so, why not tell me what you’ve been getting up to in the comments section below! We can have a little natter, I’ll order some olives and wine. Yes, technically you’re not here, but I’ll drink for the both of us! *clink*

So, what are the latest trends.

Well, reader, I discovered something from a lady here in France. She was called Esther which immediately reminded me of the Netflix show ‘Unorthodox’. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend. It’s only 4 episodes but it is an ACTING MASTERCLASS and it is just phenomenal. I finished it a few months back and I still think about the characters, at least, once a day.

Anyway, Esther was a beautiful shop attendant who could sell anything. If she told me a ‘Turd Hat’ was the next sexy thing, I would have believed her. Her accent and vibe just took over me!

Ester, dearest reader, saw my nails (big up our Easy Poly Gel Nail Kit!), and flipped my hand over and immediately started to scan my palm.

Naturally, as we all would, I said, “So…When am I getting married?”.

She didn’t laugh and it was just a big awkward. She just replied “Jamais” with a little grin. I kept reminding her my name was Claire but I guess she had a more exotic name for me.

Where was I going with this? Oh yea.

So after she renamed me ‘Jamais’ and examined my future from my palm, she told me “Vous devriez peindre le dessous de vos ongles!”

Now my French ability goes up to GCSE and, even then, it’s iffy. Google translate told me this meant “I should paint the underside of my nails”.

Let that genius sink in. Paint the underside of you nails. Marinate in that thought for a little.

What a genius idea and, turns out, it is fairly common. Adele did it. Esther did it. I now do it. See? There’s 3 just off the top of my head.

I was going to give a little tutorial on how to do this, but I am not sure there is much point as it is literally painting them. So, instead, I opted to show you some inspiration of this.

Later, I left the shop, saying “Adios” to my new French friend Esther. Obviously, I found that extremely embarrassing as I realised, in that moment, the security tag was still on so I couldn’t actually leave. When it did get removed from the dress and my new perfume (Esther had alerted me that it would be the scent of the season!), I did what we all do and ran to the toilets to put on my new dress to show it off, and attract all those romantic French men with my new perfume, “eau de caca”.


Again, not too much of a language wiz here so Google that one if you are unsure of the meaning.


N.B. I, nor Pearl Beauty, own these images and they are purely for inspirational purposes.

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