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Poly Gel Tips and Tricks

Poly Gel is one of the easiest and most effective way to achieve perfect nails from home, however, it can still be challenging.

Ladies, let’s face facts. Poly gel is sticky and, more often than we’d care to admit, we give up having barely tried.

It's almost like when I got gum in my hair and I tried for ages to get it out (2 minutes) but ended up cutting it because I gave up. Has that ever happened to you? Oh, c'mon, don't lie! Really?

Me neither. 

Poly gel does take a little bit of practice, but I promise you, it is like riding a bike. No, you don't have to peddle or keeping looking ahead, but rather, you never unlearn it once you have figured it out.

I compiled some useful tips to help you get your nails looking their best, from home. They may seem simple, but trust me, they’re overlooked more than you know!


#1 - Proper Preparation Of The Nail

All too often we hear of women condemning poly gel as it “breaks off after a few hours”, much like me from a social group at a party. What are they doing wrong? Probably having a boring convocation. Oh, you mean with the poly gel? Well, 99% of the time, the nail will have be prepared insufficiently.

Firstly, use a cuticle pusher to clear the nail, and then buff. This allows the base coat to properly adhere to the nail bed. Don’t forget, the base coat must be set with the UV lamp.

This vital step of correctly preparing the nail is often overlooked/rushed and, in the end, you pay the price of nails popping off!


#2 - The Poly Gel Does Not Spread

Poly gel is able to be moulded to any shape and, most importantly, does not set until under UV light. This is often forgotten and I hear of women frantically trying to mould it to shape before it “dries out”.

As it is that important, I will repeat it in its own sentence. Poly gel does not set until under the UV lamp. Yes, reader, it is so important, I even underlined it! How fun!

Therefore, take your time; relax, watch some TV, go for a walk, play with the dog and just add more slip solution to your brush until it is easy to work with and you get the perfect shape for you.

If too much slip solution is used, however, you may cause bubbles in the gel. We don't like bubbles in poly gel. Wine, yes, poly gel no. It makes them weaker and who wants holes in their nails? Me neither. 


PRO TIP: Many find it easier to pat the gel rather than spread it.


#3 - Removing The Template From The Nail

Sometimes, and most rarely, this can be caused by too little base coat. Yes ladies, to my surprise as well, there are some of us out there who use the thinnest coating of base coat as if they are saving it to paint their house. 

Be generous with it and apply a coating as if that it was your favourite coloured nail polish. Also, make sure it is properly set; it should feel ever so slightly sticky.

Once you’ve put the poly gel on you nail and set it, it is time to remove the template. This is the time to head to google and search for 'Dramatic Movie Music'. With sufficient base coat, it should just pop right off. If this is not the case, use the cuticle pusher to gently pry it open, allowing air to run between the poly gel and the template. For this method, I recommend anything song from Greys Anatomy just to further enhance those surgical skills of removing the template. 

I recommend doing this at the end of the poly gel nails. It is because you are most likely going to trim/file the end to the shape you desire and, therefore, it won’t be seen anyway.



Well, there you have it. My 3 top tips for working with poly gel and getting salon nails from home. Why not invite your friends over and do each other's nails? Or just make them jealous by how good yours look.

Want some other top tips? Comment suggestions below and we will get our Poly Gel Specialists writing again for another ‘Top Tips’ blog.

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