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Poly Gel - The Secret To Marbling

I’m back!

Thanks for joining me again. It is always unnerving as to whether I will be the only one here.

So, tell me, how have you been? Uh huh. Oh, wow! Fascinating.


A little update on me now. I’ve been very busy, to be honest! I got a puppy who loves to chew everything. Sounds like a bad thing? Wrong!

I cleverly, and definitely not accidentally, leave my boyfriend's ugly shoes and clothes on the floor knowing that Milo (the puppies name…generic, I know) will chew them and then I can throw them out without him getting mad at me! What can we learn from this? Get a puppy! That ugly jumper your partner has will be out of your life in no time!

Yes, reader, I am in love. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I feel as if lockdown has just made me realise how easy it is. On the loo and there’s no toilet paper? Just call out. Need picking up from your ‘Gals Night’. Just call out. Need a foot rub? Just call out…it probably won’t work for this one but for the others it does!

Anyway, you are here to learn about how to do a marble effect with Poly Gel. Well, I am here to tell you how (and probably complain about my boyfriend along the way!).

Marbling is really not difficult and is just as easy as regular poly gel.


#1 - Prep

Choose what colours you want to marble. I recommend no more than 3 at a maximum (I find 2 works well for me and that’s what I will be using).

Try to pick contrasting colours too, e.g. pink and white or white and black etc.

Once you have picked your colours, simply prep your nails as you normally would. Struggling with this? Check out my other blogs for more help.


#2 - Creating The Effect

On a small plate or spare plastic, mix the two colours, but not too much. If you over-mix you will just create on colour and, therefore, we want to keep streaks of colours in the gel.

Once you have done this, use your spatula and place it in the Dual Form Template, as you would another poly gel, and mould to your desired shape using Slip Solution and the brush. (Check out my Top Tips and Tricks blog for more help).


 Mixing the Gels

Shaping Gels In Template


#3 - Finish Up

Cure the gel and file to shape blah blah blah blah. I’m guessing you know the rest. You don’t? Check out my other blogs as I have gone through it in greater detail before.



Did you think marbling would be that easy? Me neither, but I am so glad it is!


Reader, I would like to ask you a question. Do these blogs help? Are they fun and engaging? Should I stop telling you about my life and cut the jokes?


Please do let me know in the comments and any suggestions would be amazing! I will also be doing an Instagram Live soon so please make sure you follow our Instagram so you can ask your questions specifically or just listen to me ramble.

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