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Poly Gel - The Proper Way

Hey! I’m back.

How are you? Good? Good. Me too.

I had my first outing the other day. Yes, reader, I got adventurous. I took myself to the supermarket and bought Jaffa Cakes.

Listen, there is something I need to get off my chest. It’s something that has been bothering me for a while now and I feel if I don’t tell you now, I never will. Ok, here it goes. Are Jaffa cakes cakes or biscuits.

I thought so too.

Anyway, I’m guessing you are here, not because you want to hear about my exhilarating journey to the supermarket, but rather to learn how to do Poly Gel. The proper way.

Well, luckily for you, that is where I can help. With over 8 years of experience in the nail industry, poly gel is something I am good at…unlike exercise.

So, let’s begin.


#1 - Proper Nail Preparation


This is so important. You have to prepare the nails properly for long-lasting results.

Ensure you remove excess dead skin and cuticle around the surrounding nails. Clean and buff your nails for good adhesion. There is an unwritten rule of, ‘the rougher the surface the better the adhesion’. Obviously, this is within reason.

Apply base coat to further help the poly gel adhere to the nails. Remember, poly gel does not damage your normal nail. We recommend Pearl Beauty’s Base Coat that is included in our Easy Poly Gel Set as it is designed to compliment Pearl Beauty Products and included our ultra-strength technology. Remember to cure this under the lamp.

Are you still with me? I know it’s boring to read but I try to stay awake. We are also working on instructional videos that will be available soon. No promises I’m any more fun on that.


#2 - Apply The Gel


Select the appropriate nail form template from the pack - you will be to size it properly for each and every finger/toe. Remember, you do not have to use the nail forms, it is not a necessity, but a lot of people like it as they find in easier!

Squeeze a small about of gel out, and use the spatula to slice it from the tube, placing it into the template.


TOP TIP: Brush slip solution on the spatula to help transfer the gel from the spatula to the template. I use this trick every time and never have any problems.


Dip the brush in slip solution and begin to shape the gel; you may find it easier to pat the gel rather than spread it. Remember, the gel does not dry out and only hardens when under the lamp. Make sure that the gel is not to thick near the cuticles.


Asjkdhljakhfbskhualdf. Oh, sorry. I fell asleep at the keyboard.


Coffee? Check.


Right, let’s crack on.


Position and press the gel-filled forms (if you are using forms, that is) on to your fingernail and press firmly. Remove any excess gel that oozes our and you may find it a good idea to, whilst on your finger, shape the underside of the nail.


Cure the gel under the lamp for at least 60 seconds.


#3 - Final Touch Ups


Stay with me, you’re nearly done.

It’s time to trim and file your nail to the desired shape. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this as I do not know what shape you desire.

Apply top coat and set under the UV light.


And. That. Is. It.


Perfect nails in 3 easy steps?


Want to know some of our Pro Tips? Read my previous post here.



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Insanely helpful thank you so much!! 😆

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